Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shot in the dark...

Shot in the dark,
He made a mark.
No one knew what he wanted, 
if only his last wish was granted.
Captured in the alley, right from where he began, 
Trying to evade them, he always ran.
Picked up a gun when he was fifteen, 
In one of his neighbourhoods, kinda green.
Grew up playing with aunts & cousins,
They expected him to bring home trophies, in dozens.
But who would have thought he's the same kid from the park,
Where he was Shot in the dark...


Anonymous said...

Nice one... keep up

Shrey Gandhi said...

Thanks Anonymous :)

tabish khatri said...

dude ur gooood........R u a poet ??????

Shrey Gandhi said...
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Shrey Gandhi said...

Hey Tabish, sorry for the late reply...thanks for the compliment. And no, not a poet...this is my first try at poetry :).