Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back in Black

Again a time lapse or should I say time gap. 2 years since my last post. Had always thoughts of writing something, something which would interest me and you. Lots of ideas in mind and on my notepad, but then a sudden block. Have been trying to open the lock. Managed to break in today.

Months slipped by so quickly. Each day was just the same as previous one, like a recurring alarm on a phone. Left job, gave MBA exams, went to Bombay, learned theater and joined a B-School. Now, its almost the end of my 2 years stint here in Symbiosis, Bangalore. All the distant memories fading away suddenly come in front of my eyes just like a slideshow playing on a projector screen.

Some say college life is the last when you can have maximum fun. Hmmphhhhhhh... I guess my reaction says it all. Fun, laughter, fights, travel, internships, friends, enemies, assholes, cricket, football, assignments, presentations, boring lectures, beer, scotch, cigarettes and the list goes on. Met all kind of people in these 2 years and still its the same. Or maybe I haven't changed. I still remember the first day of college. Everybody was new to each other. Some had already formed their groups, some looking for groups and some like me who always believed that groups are never fun and they don't allow you to interact with others. Damn me, I was wrong. No, not completely. I did find some interesting people to gel with.

Life as it goes gives you an experience you never forget.

Moving on...the first 6 months weren't that great except the amazing trip 2 week trip to London & Manchester. Followed me was my first experience working with an NGO. Although was for a short duration of 2 months but a memorable one. In-fact, it's a co-incidence that I was going through the NGO pics and now I am writing about it.

Came 2nd Sem...Umm not much to talk about so let's move forward and then came the summer job/internship with a bunch of amazing people. 2 months of hard work paid off well. :)

3rd Sem...let's just not talk about the college anymore. My friends/batch-mates would understand why and I don't wanna bore you guys to death talking about it. But I surely will write a blog post about it later.

Its amazing how time flies past you. Only a month left for my MBA to get over. As I write this post, I remember few lines of a track by my favorite band "Iron Maiden". It goes like this...

As I lay here lying on my bed, sweet voices come into my head.
Oh what it is, I wanna know, please won't you tell me it's got to go.
There's a feeling inside me, telling me to get away.
But I am so tired of living, I might as well end today.