Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Meetings!

Monday meetings and powerpoints,
No one know what they bring,
Trying to understand those pie-charts,
Sleepy head doesn't recall anything.

Why do they torture me, 
As if i have done something wrong,
I can't leave this room now, 
Or wander out for long.

The coffee's bad, the tea's sad, 
Both aren't of much help.
Think am losing my soul,
But could get some help from alcohol.

Don't know when this will end,
It's been long now
Can't handle this anymore,
How i wish there was a cure.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shot in the dark...

Shot in the dark,
He made a mark.
No one knew what he wanted, 
if only his last wish was granted.
Captured in the alley, right from where he began, 
Trying to evade them, he always ran.
Picked up a gun when he was fifteen, 
In one of his neighbourhoods, kinda green.
Grew up playing with aunts & cousins,
They expected him to bring home trophies, in dozens.
But who would have thought he's the same kid from the park,
Where he was Shot in the dark...