Monday, December 15, 2014

The Office Girl

In a colorful dress, she sat there,
I saw her and blinked, to believe she's here.
Soft hands, pink smile, blonde hair,
She was beautiful, fair.

Talking on the phone, the melody of her voice,
Sounds like a nightingale, when she speaks.
The color of her eyes, blue and entice, 
Looked at her, forgot the noise. 

She stood up, coming up to me, I froze for a minute..
Should I say hello or hi, or just smile as she passes by.
There she stands next to me, I take out my hands from the pockets...
Only to realize that its not me, its the other guy in a black jacket.

She shook hands with him and smiled, not noticing me,
Asked him out for a coffee, as if he was free.
I saw them walking together towards the cafeteria, my eyes met,
Took a second to realize they were of other people, as if they were gonna get.

Cursed myself and a bit depressed, heart crying aloud, 
Why does this always happen with me, the third time it does hurt...
Is it me, or did she just chose the crowd?

The day got over.. I returned home, every second thinking about her,
Tried sleeping early, only to forget the day.

Am back at work, wondering how would she look today,
Came a soft voice from behind, said 'hello', took a while..
I turned back, only to find her standing, 
She said 'am gonna be your new team-mate', with a big smile.

It's my last day in office today, as I say goodbye,
I wish I could turn back in time and try and try and try.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Sitting in the park alone, 
People watch me closely,
Don't know what to do, 
Is it me or am I lonely.

Watching the kids play,
Reminds me of my good old days
Never thought that i'd be alone
I see the mud...oh it's just clay!

The light of darkness falling on my head,
Projecting a shadow on the grass,
Showing the brighter side of I,
Should i wake up, or should I die.

Flashbacks, dreams..all light up in the moment,
Seems like a strong emotional current,
Streak of light shining on the floor,
Waking up to a new day, to work on the daily chores.

Glad that it was a dream and am just at home,
What if i was left all alone!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Meetings!

Monday meetings and powerpoints,
No one know what they bring,
Trying to understand those pie-charts,
Sleepy head doesn't recall anything.

Why do they torture me, 
As if i have done something wrong,
I can't leave this room now, 
Or wander out for long.

The coffee's bad, the tea's sad, 
Both aren't of much help.
Think am losing my soul,
But could get some help from alcohol.

Don't know when this will end,
It's been long now
Can't handle this anymore,
How i wish there was a cure.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shot in the dark...

Shot in the dark,
He made a mark.
No one knew what he wanted, 
if only his last wish was granted.
Captured in the alley, right from where he began, 
Trying to evade them, he always ran.
Picked up a gun when he was fifteen, 
In one of his neighbourhoods, kinda green.
Grew up playing with aunts & cousins,
They expected him to bring home trophies, in dozens.
But who would have thought he's the same kid from the park,
Where he was Shot in the dark...

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Truth Is Out There

As a kid, one is always intrigued by people of different origins, space, the universe. We question - are we alone here? 

The thought of being not the only one in this universe is exciting and scary at the same time. 
Rolling back a couple of years, Roland Emmerich directed a movie 'Independence Day'. It talked about how an alien force visits Earth and targets it's major cities for a hostile takeover bid. The movie had left an impact on me and let me tell you, it's one of my all time favorites. Everytime I see the movie, I am reminded of the thought that 'are we alone in this universe'. 

I have come across many articles and documentaries talking about an incident in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. People believe that it was the first time anyone had seen a UFO which crash landed. They say that in order to prevent the information leaking out to the general public, the US department of defense had it contained in a facility in Nevada, popularly known as Area-51. No ordinary citizen is allowed near that area, not even journalists/celebrities. This deepens the doubt. What's out there? Did they actually get hold of a UFO? Is the government hiding the truth?

This was just one major case. There have been 100's of other instances across the globe, including India wherein people have reported UFO sightings. But again, the governments and defense has always suggested that these are nothing more than experimental aircrafts. 

Doesn't it point to something? A conspiracy by the people sitting in the governments of the populist countries. Lies being told by them to avoid public interest in such things, lies being told to keep them away. But, there are people who want to get closer to the real thing, to know the truth about the existence of aliens. Some people have gone far to the extent of having their own laboratories and electronic surveillance devices.  

You can't get the truth. You can't. There's a larger truth though that you can't harness the forces of the cosmos, but you may find somebody else. You may find another human being. That may be kind of corny and all of that but that's really it.

The elements of surprise, random acts of unpredictability? If we fail to anticipate in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that can be programmed into our minds. 

I believe, there are hidden stories out there and if one does go out looking for one, they might end up believing the lies told. 


P.S. - The inspiration for writing this post has been taken from one of my favorite TV series - 
           THE X FILES.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Haawwww! 2 years and no post. Damn!

2 year almost. And I couldn't write any new posts. Shame on you for not inspiring me :D ...This year, Pakkaaaaa will write atleast 6-7 posts. A new one coming up by this weekend. Stay tuned!