Monday, December 15, 2014

The Office Girl

In a colorful dress, she sat there,
I saw her and blinked, to believe she's here.
Soft hands, pink smile, blonde hair,
She was beautiful, fair.

Talking on the phone, the melody of her voice,
Sounds like a nightingale, when she speaks.
The color of her eyes, blue and entice, 
Looked at her, forgot the noise. 

She stood up, coming up to me, I froze for a minute..
Should I say hello or hi, or just smile as she passes by.
There she stands next to me, I take out my hands from the pockets...
Only to realize that its not me, its the other guy in a black jacket.

She shook hands with him and smiled, not noticing me,
Asked him out for a coffee, as if he was free.
I saw them walking together towards the cafeteria, my eyes met,
Took a second to realize they were of other people, as if they were gonna get.

Cursed myself and a bit depressed, heart crying aloud, 
Why does this always happen with me, the third time it does hurt...
Is it me, or did she just chose the crowd?

The day got over.. I returned home, every second thinking about her,
Tried sleeping early, only to forget the day.

Am back at work, wondering how would she look today,
Came a soft voice from behind, said 'hello', took a while..
I turned back, only to find her standing, 
She said 'am gonna be your new team-mate', with a big smile.

It's my last day in office today, as I say goodbye,
I wish I could turn back in time and try and try and try.